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Length of Session: The Reasoning


Even though traditional forest bathing walks can last up to 3 hours, empirical research has shown that shorter sessions in urban natural settings also benefit participants. In our time sensitive world, a participant may only be able to spare one hour for this experience. For this reason, I’ve designed sessions that can run for as little as one hour and others that last up to three hours. The key to each is learning how to slow down and gift your body with your mind’s sensory presence.

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Anybody and/or Customization

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Fee for Services

  • For Organizations - custom designed program with fee determined upon consultation for up to 12-15 individuals

Nature Therapy Placemaking is a practice with standard framework that can be customized to address the needs of diverse groups of participants and with culturally adaptable modifications.


  1. Any interested person seeking a slow, relaxing wellness meander in nature.

  2. Urban Farm Settings - invitations can be created to explore the connection between nature and healthy food; the value a community farm provides individuals and the community at large; how nature’s provisions generate internal balance; and/or the farm setting as a healing place for healthy fuel and a like state of mind.

  3. Team Building Walks/Day Retreats - the venue and the kinds of invitations can be geared to reinforce wholeness and build cohesion among colleagues while reconnecting with nature in a universally welcoming way.

  4. Children/Teen Nature Connection Programs - while younger children already live primarily in the present, facilitating a connection to nature and stimulating sensory awareness has empirically shown that focus is improved and anxiety reduced. The same positive improvements can be gained by teens partaking in a program geared to their age cohort.

  5. Senior Care Facilities/Assisted Living Environments - nature therapy has a powerful impact on elderly people, helping them to revisit memories that may be enjoyable and reassuring.


Nature Drawing and Journaling is another practice that can be included as part of a Nature Therapy Placemaking session.

  • For Groups of independent participants - $35/per person per session running up to 2 hours

Maura Smotrich, ANFTCertified Guide

Tel: 203.912.1867

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