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Nature Therapy Placemaking in Crawford Park, Rye Brook NY

Nature Therapy Placemaking is thrilled to be partnering with Friends of Crawford Park to offer Nature Therapy guided walks at Crawford Park. The practice, described on previous website pages, will take full advantage of the multiple habitats that make up Crawford Park to gently awaken one's senses in this beautiful and rich setting. A percentage of the cost for the walk will be contributed to Friends of Crawford Park so that they may continue their amazing curatorship and care for Crawford Park.**

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Crawford Park Image 3.HEIC

Nature Therapy Placemaking 

Guided Walk

Private or Group Walks Upon Request

Some Suggestions - 

  • a 90 minute somatic morning walk in nature to become grounded in the present and relax at the start of your day

  • a 90 minute somatic early evening walk in nature to become grounded in your present and relax at the end of your day

** These particular walks are recomended for age 18 and          older.

Request to Book Walk

Fee per walk varies determined by  individual preferences

Thanks for submitting!

Nature Therapy Placemaking 

Guided Walks will meet and begin at the mansion.


Click below for directions to Crawford Park 

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