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Nature Therapy Placemaking LLC offers Employee Wellness Programs in the form of Forest Bathing Webinars or In-person Seminars. Both teach the science behind forest bathing (aka nature therapy) and its precepts. They also offer an experiential taste of it through a sample experience.

The practice is a non-invasive form of healing through immersion in nature. This virtual or in-person introduction will also explore the history of the practice through the lens of an architect/planner who can share where to search for or create these experiences in urban settings.

Employee Health Insurance Plans often allocate budgets for companies to offer this kind of Employee Wellness Program through Employee Wellness Committees, making it a cost free service to companies for their employees.

What is the program?

Employees learn about a practice designed to invite participants to experience the natural world through their senses, potentially rediscovering a connection to nature that is rejuvenating, restorative, reciprocal, and maybe even fun.

What are the are empirically demonstrated health benefits to be gained from forest bathing (aka nature therapy)?

  • Decreased Blood Pressure

  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety as measured through salivary cortisol

  • Improved Immune Function through an increase in both the number of NK Cells (Natural Killer White Blood Cells) and their activation

  • Improved Mental State & Mood

  • Improved Attention, Memory, & Cognitive Function

  • Enhanced Self Awareness & Improved Relationships

  • Improved Sleep



The practice is becoming mainstream, with some doctors prescribing time in nature for patients

Perhaps your company’s Wellness Committee would like to consider this program. It offers a stress management tool that may become invaluable and translate into greater employee health, happiness, and productivity.

  • Does your company’s culture support the commitment to nurture employee well-being?

  • Do your employees believe that their health and happiness is one of your priorities?

It may be time to show them that you care!

Feel free to reach out to discuss the many ways that your company/firm can partake in the program.

Contact Maura

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Maura Smotrich, ANFTCertified Guide

Tel: 203.912.1867



April 2023

"Hi Maura,

Thank YOU so much!! We had 31 participants, which is very good for these sorts

of webinars. I’ve been getting so much great feedback already – one person called it “incredible” (and I agree). 😊

Thank you again!

Jessica F."

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